Purpose of Service.




Our Values

- Quality time between family members and/or significant others.

- Self-reliance and creativity.

- Working together.

- Time for reflection, processing and appreciating nature.


Widely available statistics do not support the value of strong family bonds, building healthy and long-lasting relationships, and nurturing positive self-reliance:


- 60 % of married couples work outside the home.

- 35-60 minutes per day is the average time either parent spends with their children.

- Many American marriages or cohabitations end in relationship break-ups, often with   children involved.

- Few groups are focused on family-based activities, although there are many programs in which children may participate.

- Technology consumes more and more developmental time for young people without authentic experience learning other skills and securing true friendships.



Parents and children would often choose volunteering, camping or other outdoor activities as preferred mutual time together.