Board of Directors

Jeff Zender
Jeff was raised as the oldest of nine children. Back to Basics was launched because Jeff understands the complexity of blended family and the necessity of a healthy, nurturing relationship.Through his own divorce and as a single Dad, he realized  the need of community to assist in the training of youth. He believes using the basic needs of food, shelter, and love as a platform to teach and to learn traditional American skills. Take a moment and reflect on what the basics are for you!
John Mickus
John Mickus moved to JH in 1987 for “1 year”.  He never left….  He met and married Kate here in 1992, and they had their daughter, Emily in 1995.  They own and operate Shades of Jackson Hole, and have recently acquired The Lodge at Camp Creek.  John has a passion for Back to Basics.  He has a heart for family values and quality time spent together.  He enjoys skiing, hunting and photography. Both he and Kate hope to help raise up younger generations through love, encouragement and the teaching of life skills.
Richard Uhl
"Back to Basics" is where we need  to go, in order to: get our personal lives. public lives, local and state governments, national government, and the world in general, back on track. Do I think this will happen? No. I don't believe there are enough people with the strength and courage of conviction to make it happen. We are too complacent in our lives. We have it too easy and too comfortable. We do not want to feel or experience the pain it would take, to get us back to where we need to be.
Matt Litzelman
It's all about relationships. Back to Basics is about creating an environment where relationships can grow in a healthy way. Through outdoor activities, meaningful times around the fire or over a meal. Whether father and sons, mothers and daughters, families, or friends-this where eternal things happen. We desire that those relationships be strong.